Our Projects

We're working to rewild the earth by restoring and protecting its ecosystems. We achieve this by partnering, purchasing and managing areas we identify as ecologically important. But what are ecosystems and why do they matter?


To best understand the importance of ecosystems, first we must understand that our biosphere, the zone of life in which we exist, is the sum of all ecosystems. An ecosystem can then be defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

Ecosystems can be extremely fragile; a single change can trigger catastrophic events resulting in their degradation or loss. Unfortunately, a number of human activities are causing such events, bringing about the destruction of ecosystems across the planet and threatening the survival of many species including our own.

Our Investments

Our founder, Joseph Merz, believes that if you want to make a significant impact as a not-for-profit in a world ruled by pecuniary gain, you cannot be solely reliant on donations and grants. That’s why he designed MCF to have an investment arm.

We invest in the next generation of commercially viable ideas that meet our criteria for environmental and social impact. These investments can be in our own ideas or those of third parties.