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No Planet B

Climate change is quite possibly the greatest threat mankind has ever faced, and right now, there's no Planet B. Our desire for perpetual growth is unsustainable on our finite planet. While we attempt to reverse the effects of a warming climate, it begs the question, 'How did we let it get this far?' The answer is clear — as a species we have become dangerously out of touch with Mother Nature.

Our Objective

With this in mind, our objective is to awaken people, reconnecting them to the natural world through uniquely immersive and educational encounters. We intend to facilitate this through various projects, including our Tiaki Sanctuary in New Zealand. At Tiaki, visitors will be able to stay with, observe and learn about endangered species in a dignified, natural environment.

The Fund

Our founder, Joseph Merz is passionate about conservation and also about building sustainable, distributive organisations. We run unique fundraising projects to finance our activities and will accept donations (including those from Joseph's other organisations). Joseph is actively involved in the management of the fund.